Alex Chow

Freelance web and mobile developer


Gym workout tracker and training log

Worked on the redesign of a fitness app for iPhone, adding new features, improvements and bug fixes as part of a regular release schedule.

Designed and developed the Apple Watch app, praised as one of the few compelling uses for the Apple Watch right now. Featured in the App Store, Product Hunt and by The Verge (among others).

Swift, Core Data, UserNotifications, StoreKit, HealthKit, AVFoundation, WatchKit, Auto Layout, localization, accessibility, Parse Server.

Election Map

Poll tracker for electoral college results

Designed and developed an informative psephological app for iPhone and iPad, which provided compelling updates leading up to the 2016 US presidential election. Featured in the App Store (Running for President) and

Swift, Core Image, universal device support, push notifications, remote editing.

Citizen Scientists

Web platform for hosting science-based projects, allowing users to crowdsource data collection and share progress on their findings. University of York social enterprise finalist.

PHP, Drupal, SCSS, HTML5, user-generated content, responsive design.