Alex Chow

Web and mobile developer

BBC News service identifier with a BBC Weather weather symbol.

BBC — Design + Engineering

News and Weather

Part of a cross-disciplinary team behind two popular mobile apps: BBC News, a trusted news source serving millions of users in a handful of language options; and BBC Weather, winner of the esteemed Editors’ Choice award for its reliable and beautiful forecasts.

After undergoing a re-engineering phase, the team is currently focused on creating high-impact features for a personalised experience which feels more interesting and relevant to users.

Swift, Objective-C, SwiftUI, Auto Layout, accessibility, backend for frontend, continuous integration, localization, multivariate testing, push notifications, remote configuration, snapshot testing

An assortment of app icons from BBC apps.

BBC — Design + Engineering

Internal Software Engineering

Working alongside web, design and architecture teams to develop and maintain enterprise software for BBC staff. Helped to build a suite of internal tools used by journalists across the globe to reliably record and upload broadcast-ready media directly from their phones.

Swift, Objective-C, Core Data, AVFoundation, User Notifications, Core Location, Share Extension, Auto Layout, accessibility, background operation, enterprise deployment, performance multithreading

An Apple Watch running Strong.


Gym workout tracker and training log

Product lead for a fitness app on iPhone, adding new features, improvements and bug fixes as part of a regular release schedule. Featured in the App Store, on Product Hunt and by The Verge (among others).

Designed and developed the Apple Watch app, praised as one of the few compelling uses for the Apple Watch right now.

Swift, Core Data, WatchKit, StoreKit, HealthKit, User Notifications, SiriKit, Auto Layout, accessibility, localization, continuous integration